4 E-Commerce Photography Trends to Watch in 2023

This flavor-inspired content shoot for Vera Spirits captures the beverages’ essence in a creative yet editorialized product image.

It’s a new year, and just as you flip a calendar, it’s time to flip your mindset to the year ahead. Now is your chance to evaluate new trends, analyze shifts in the industry, and look at opportunities in the coming year. So what’s new in e-commerce trends for 2023? Here’s our take:  Digital targeting […]

Hi-Production vs Lo-Production Content and Why Brands Need Both

Negative Underwear graphic contrasting high and low production value content

From website hero images and digital ad campaigns to entertaining TikToks and strategic emails, there are so many marketing channels available to brands in today’s eCommerce landscape. If you’re an eCommerce brand, you need a variety of content to meet the needs of these various channels.

Product Photography: The Magic Of Retouching

The better the product photography, the better the product image, and – most importantly – the higher the sales conversion. But the best images are only half finished when the shoot wraps. Retouching plays an equally important role in making sure the products have that little bit of extra magic that makes customers take notice of an e-commerce site.

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