4 E-Commerce Photography Trends to Watch in 2023

This flavor-inspired content shoot for Vera Spirits captures the beverages’ essence in a creative yet editorialized product image.

It’s a new year, and just as you flip a calendar, it’s time to flip your mindset to the year ahead. Now is your chance to evaluate new trends, analyze shifts in the industry, and look at opportunities in the coming year.

So what’s new in e-commerce trends for 2023? Here’s our take: 

Digital targeting is out. Creativity is in. 

It’s no secret that new data privacy regulations and tech changes have disrupted digital marketing as we know it, reducing effectiveness and driving up costs. Consumers now have more control over their data and have a bigger say in whether or not to share it.

Here are a few of those new regulations we mentioned: 

According to a study by McKinsey, as many as 41% of internet users say they set their browser to disable cookies. That’s a big deal for the e-commerce industry.

The era of third-party digital targeting is officially over.

But don’t worry. While digital targeting may be out, your customers are still there. And they’re arguably more engaged online than ever before.

This means it’s time to get creative.

Strategic, creative content is going to be the top way to reach your customers moving forward. Leverage the right creative assets, and you’ll attract new customers while keeping your current audience excited, engaged, and loyal.

But it’s not enough just to create content. Your brand needs to stand out in a sea of endless online scrolling.

This editorial-style image for luxury candle brand Sentire captures the essence of the scent through an image. 

4 Strategies for E-Commerce Brands to Stand Out in 2023

Since brands can’t rely on digital targeting anymore, they’re turning their attention to content marketing. Rather than a “nice to have”, content marketing is becoming an essential marketing strategy. It may be a trend for 2023, but we think it’s a trend that’s here to stay. So when everyone’s doing it, how do you stand out?

Here are our top 4 recommendations for exactly how:

1. Supercharge Your Content

Content is king and fast-paced content creation is in high demand. The lifecycle of a digital campaign can be as little as 2-3 weeks before audiences want something new. Brands need to create a continuous stream of content to reach new customers and keep current ones engaged.

How we can help: We’re here to help support that demand for higher volumes of content with maximum production efficiency. Our team produces versatile videos, images, and creative assets – all tailored to each unique brand and designed to accomplish specific goals. Get ready for fresh content that’s always evolving!

This is an example of an on-figure campaign for Proenza Schouler.

2. Spark Your Creativity

If content is king, then creativity is key. One of the best ways to stand out is to create content that is new, different, and attention-grabbing. So go ahead: break the mold and think outside the box. You don’t have to play it safe. 2023 is the year to try new things, get creative, and experiment with your campaigns. 

How we can help: We’re adding a creative director to our team in 2023 to help our studio be a stronger creative partner to our clients. We’re excited to help brands create smarter, strategic creative assets and campaigns.



Here’s a look behind the scenes of our studio, and a resulting product image.

3. Diversify Your Mediums

Customers are consuming content in more ways than ever before. Influencer marketing, TikToks, stories that disappear after 24 hours, long-form videos, photos…this list goes on. Brands need to diversify their marketing channels and mediums to keep up. 

How we can help: Our studio produces content in a wide range of mediums that can be used across multiple channels. From high-end video productions and editorial images, to short-form videos and lo-pro photo campaigns, we have you covered. In fact, we believe brands need both hi-pro and lo-pro content for the most effective strategy, and we’ll help you navigate the best way to leverage all types and mediums of content. 

4. Focus on Relationships

Brands can’t rely on third-party data anymore to easily connect with their target audience. Instead, you’ll need to creatively foster relationships with your audience to form a community of loyal customers and raving fans.

How we can help: Relationships start with content, and content starts with visuals. We work with our clients to perfectly capture each brand’s story. Then, these powerful assets can be leveraged to form genuine connections with your audience.

E-Commerce Trends for 2023: Shoot with us!

These e-commerce trends and strategies for 2023 are just the start. We can’t wait to see how the year unfolds for e-commerce brands. We have a feeling creativity is going to stay at the forefront, and we’re here for it.

If you’re ready to supercharge your content, get creative, diversify your mediums, and focus on relationships, get in touch with our studio so we can start planning and creating together!


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