Our New York City-based studio has mastered the balance between a beautiful image and an efficient production process, driving brand growth through unique imagery that moves your business forward. 

The Line Studios' large, open creative production studio space with high ceilings and natural light.
Sitting area and workspace inside with natual light from large windows at The Line Studios' photography studio.
The Line Studios' welcoming lobby and open concept office space in Long Island City

About Us

The Line Studios' Co-founders, Lindsay More Nisbett and Rob Harkey

Our founders, Lindsay More Nisbett and Rob Harkey, built The Line Studios with a singular focus: to help brands grow through best-in-class e-commerce creative production. 

At The Line Studios, we start by learning about your brand’s cross-functional goals, then develop a one-of-a-kind implementation blueprint, and execute multi-channel creative assets that grow revenue and raise brand awareness. 

Built on a foundation of accountability, customization, and unmatched expertise, we are confident our beautiful imagery will drive your business forward. 

A word from our Co-Founder & Brand Director —

Frequently Asked Questions

We like to say that a strong image is industry agnostic. The same process applies whether we’re shooting a lamp or a Louboutin. That said, we work within a wide range of industries, including but not limited to beauty, beverage, fashion, health, home, lifestyle, luxury, packaged goods, retail, travel, and wellness. 

The Line Studios offers a comprehensive range of creative production services designed to take your brand’s vision every step of the way, from inception through delivery. Whether your project requires brand development; creative and logistical strategizing; or e-commerce, editorial, and social media production, The Line Studios is equipped to handle it.

Yes, The Line Studios is equipped to handle projects of all sizes. Whether you need a small-scale promotional video or a long-term partner for thousands of SKUs, our team is skilled and experienced to meet your requirements.

Our process typically involves initial consultation and planning, where we discuss your project objectives, timeline, and budget. Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we proceed with the pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery stages, ensuring constant communication and feedback throughout.

The duration of each project varies depending on its complexity and scope. Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we will provide you with an estimated timeline during the initial consultation.

We work on a day-rate basis, rather than cost-per-shot or hourly. Our day rates start at $4000 for an e-commerce still life set. The cost of our services depends on various factors such as project scope, duration, complexity, and additional requirements. We tailor our pricing to meet the individual needs of our clients. You can request a quote during the initial consultation.

While we currently don’t have a dedicated careers page, you can still find information about open positions at The Line Studios on our LinkedIn page. If you don’t find any current vacancies, we recommend following our page and setting up job alerts to be among the first to know when we are looking for new talent!

We’re thrilled you’re interested in freelancing at The Line Studios! Please fill out this form to be added to our talent roster. We will be in touch after reviewing your work for potential upcoming projects.

Yes, we absolutely work with emerging brands, or small- to medium-sized businesses, that are growing rapidly and have the potential to become a major player in the industry. These brands are typically funded startups or established companies looking to grow their business by refreshing their creative strategy and imagery. We believe in supporting brands of all sizes and stages, and we’re excited to collaborate with emerging brands to help bring their creative visions to life.

A stylist plays a crucial role in curating the visual elements of a shoot. They select and arrange clothing, accessories, and props to create
a cohesive and visually appealing look. Having a stylist can enhance the overall aesthetic of your shoot, ensuring that every detail is well-coordinated. While not always mandatory, a stylist can greatly contribute to the quality of the final content.

Art directors oversee the visual elements, shaping them to align with the brand’s identity and the project’s objectives, as well as propel the brand forward. If you have a clear vision for your project or brand in mind, art direction is highly recommended. The Line Studios has an in-house Art Director and a Fractional Creative Support system to assist you in seamlessly bringing your envisioned concepts to vibrant reality.

Our Fractional Creative Support employs a data-driven approach to optimize visual content, catering to businesses that may not necessitate a full-time creative team but still require expert guidance and execution for their projects. It’s like hiring a creative director, minus the 6-figure salary. We drive conversion lift by delivering consistent storytelling, and a tailored creative strategy, and follow up by measuring customer resonance. This service is tailored for teams seeking external expertise to define their creative vision, develop imagery strategies, audit existing assets, or gain support for specific projects or campaigns.

Absolutely! We offer assistance with Shopify uploads to ensure your products are showcased effectively on your online store. Our team can help optimize product images and other visual elements for a seamless shopping experience.

The Line Studios is a New York-based creative production studio located in Long Island City, Queens. Our studio’s address is 13-08 43rd Ave 2nd Floor, Queens, NY 1110. We’re conveniently situated to serve clients in the surrounding areas, as well nationwide.

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