Is Product Video the Missing Piece of Your Conversion Strategy?

Product Video of Swet Tailor Bag being packed

If you have been considering making product video a part of your brand’s ecommerce conversion strategy, let us give you that final push: 84% of online buyers have been convinced to buy a product or service having watched a brand’s video.  There you have it. This changes the conversation from if you should be including video on your […]

5 Ways M.M.LaFleur Upped Its E-Commerce Photography Game

M.M.LaFleur’s brand refresh showcases a more versatile, less rigid approach to e-commerce imagery

If The Line Studios learned one thing from our CREATIVE + COMMERCE CONNECTIONS conversation with M.M.LaFleur it’s this: Elevating your e-commerce photography can significantly improve sales. A brand’s product photography needs to engage customers at every point in the purchase journey. With a flexible mindset and a keen eye for opportunity, M.M.LaFleur has brought its unique […]

How Many Product Photos Do You Need For Your Website?

Or rather, how many product photos of each product will drive conversion? Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about sales. – Too few views and the customer doesn’t get all the information they need to make the purchase. – Too many views and the customer may feel overwhelmed and move on to another option. But with the […]

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