Introducing Agile Imagery: The Future of E-Commerce Website Asset Production

GSTQ's agile imagery ensures consistent product photos across storefront and socials.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for e-commerce businesses to keep up with their e-commerce website’s imagery and creative production needs. More platforms demand more content, as increased competition jostles for market share and budgets remain flat. To counter this, The Line Studios has created an innovative strategy for asset production: Agile Imagery – a new type […]

The Great Creative Reset: 5 Winning Content Strategies for 2023

creative marketing content test for Milk Bar

From the pandemic to shifts in the global economy, consumers have altered their life habits, including how they engage with content and shop online. And it’s become clear: they’re not going back. That makes 2023 a crucial year of transformation for the e-commerce industry.  These global shifts are now converging in a way that will […]

Hi-Production vs Lo-Production Content and Why Brands Need Both

Negative Underwear graphic contrasting high and low production value content

From website hero images and digital ad campaigns to entertaining TikToks and strategic emails, there are so many marketing channels available to brands in today’s eCommerce landscape. If you’re an eCommerce brand, you need a variety of content to meet the needs of these various channels. Your audience is out there waiting to interact with you through different […]

How to Decide if an In-House Creative Studio is Right for Your Brand

Image of a an In-House Creative Studio specializing in e-commerce photography

The Line Studios is an in-house creative studio space in Queens, New York, that offers full-service creative production for e-commerce brands. There is an inevitable inflection point in every large brand’s growth where the question arises: “Does it make sense to build our own in-house creative production studio?” Why? Generally, this is because the number […]

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