Fractional Creative Services

The Expertise of a Creative Director–Without The Six-Figure Price Tag

With our Fractional Creative Services, we provide flexible solutions that allow brands to tap into the talents of a highly-skilled e-commerce creative director, without the full-time commitment.

We work with your internal creative, marketing, or e-commerce team to identify and address issues holding your brand back from achieving its business objectives.

Designed and refined by creative e-commerce experts, our data-driven approach assesses digital engagement across various platforms to discover which types of content resonate most with your customer. This vital information allows you to tailor your creative strategy to maximize your image ROI and boost your overall sales.

A moodboard pinned up as BTS for fractional creative support
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A collection of polaroids and cameras for a behind the scenes look at photography production and creative direction
Jude Conally e-commerce on-figure photography with fractional creative support
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Our Fractional Creative Support can help with:

We’ve successfully assisted brands like Nuudes and Tones with brand launches, and revitalized brands like M.M. LaFleur and Garnett Hill with updated, engaging content.

Our team excels in developing creative strategies that align with your brand’s goals and objectives. We craft innovative and customized approaches to ensure your brand stands out in the competitive market.

Our experienced, in-house creative directors provide top-notch art and creative direction to bring your vision to life. We guide you through every aspect of the creative process, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring that your brand’s identity and message are accurately conveyed.

We meticulously plan and optimize your creative assets to ensure maximum performance and impact.

Explore new possibilities by testing and implementing different asset types such as video or user-generated content (UGC) for your product detail pages (PDP).

We continuously refine your creative production processes to enhance efficiency.

Our approach begins with collaborative brainstorming, where we develop a comprehensive concept and moodboard, tailored to meet both business and creative objectives. This phase is crucial as we work closely with clients to ideate and present visual concepts that effectively narrate their brand’s story, ensuring each campaign resonates with the intended audience and aligns seamlessly with the brand’s identity

We specialize in crafting narratives that seamlessly span across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand story.

How It Works

A data-driven approach to optimizing visual content

Number 1: Identify Strategic Gaps
Identify Strategic Gaps​

Starting with a brand’s unique objectives, we identify weaknesses in content strategy and design data-supported solutions to improve engagement and efficiency of creative output.

Number 2: Develop Solutions
Develop Solutions

Once our experts align with your brand’s team on creative strategy, we develop a tailored plan that requires fractional manpower to optimize production budgets and craft compelling imagery.

Number 3: A Turnkey Partnership
A Turnkey Partnership

We partner with in-house creative and production teams to amplify the brand’s creative reach and e-commerce impact. For those without an internal creative unit, we work with e-commerce directors and marketers to enhance e-commerce visuals.

Number 4: Constant Improvement
Constant Improvement

Because e-commerce is an ever-changing industry, our FCS plan involves an ongoing partnership between our experts and your brand, featuring cyclical reviews of content performance to inform revisions in favor of updating and strengthening creative strategy.

Benefits of utilizing Fractional Creative Services:
Creative director's moodboard showcasing fractional creative services for an upcoming fashion shoot.

With Fractional Creative Services, E-Commerce Brands Can Increase the Value of Their Imagery

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