The Homepage is Dead: How the New Customer Journey is Shaping Valuable Trends in E-commerce Imagery

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E-Commerce Imagery Trends Shape Product Pages: Brand Storytelling Redefines Shopping Experiences

Here at The Line Studios, we are e-commerce experts and self-proclaimed “data nerds”. We always keep a keen eye on the best-in-class creative in the industry and the constant shifts in e-commerce imagery trends that are driving success for brands.  

In recent years, brands have transformed their approach to product and brand storytelling. They focus more on product and category pages.  Brands are now putting more of a focus on the product and category pages. This shift is partly influenced by changing traffic sources. Paid ads and emails are now often directing users straight to product description pages instead of the homepage. Recent data reveals visitors are spending 40% more time on product and category pages than they are on homepages. 

Seasonal Campaigns are OUT, Maximized E-commerce Sets are IN

The presentation of imagery isn’t the only thing changing. Brands are also rethinking how they capture content and spend their photo budgets. Brands no longer splurge on seasonal campaign images, saving instead for high-volume e-commerce. Gone are the days of hefty budgets for a few pictures.. Brands now prioritize production dollars for their hardest-working asset: e-commerce imagery. This shift is in response to savvy consumers and rising demand for digital content.

E-commerce imagery, historically seen as serving the most transactional purpose at the bottom of the funnel, now plays a crucial role deeper in the purchase journey. Product Detail Page (PDP) assets must do more than showcase product details, they must resonate emotionally

It’s Time to Rewrite the Rules on E-commerce Visuals 

This paradigm shift offers retail professionals, creative directors, and e-commerce executives an exciting opportunity.  It allows them to redefine the rules and reinvent e-commerce visuals.   This optimizes customer interactions with their brands and influences their purchasing decisions.

Several brands are leading the way by pushing visual creation and communication boundaries to enhance sales. These pioneers are integrating the emotional pull of brand storytelling into the conversation on the product and category pages in various ways. Whether through user-generated style content, or mini-editorial shooting styles, we’re seeing a huge range of exciting experimentation and newness popping up 

Recognizing the significant shifts within the industry and their impact on the customer journey, The Line Studios has meticulously assembled the E-Commerce Industry Trend Report. This guide navigates the evolving e-commerce imagery trends, serving as a reference tool and a conversation starter for brands looking to stay top of mind for consumers. Designed to cater to those aiming to amplify their conversion rates or bolster their e-commerce presence, the report is rich with innovative strategies in product imagery and storytelling. 

hanks to social shopping, seeing products IRL is the new normal. This image perfectly captures the trend, blurring the lines between aspirational and actual style. (Source: The Frankie Shop)

The Essential E-Commerce Imagery Trends and Tips to Stay Ahead in 2024

Ready to stay ahead in the fast-evolving e-commerce landscape? Dive deeper into the latest e-commerce imagery trends and strategies that are setting the pace for tomorrow’s online shopping experiences.

Download our comprehensive E-Commerce Industry Trend Report to explore innovative approaches in product imagery and storytelling that can elevate your brand and drive conversions. 



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