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An in-house photography solution allows L’Oreal to capture product 10x faster.

L’Oréal’s ever-evolving product offering didn’t afford them time to capture new products quickly enough to put onto their marketing channels and get them in front of customers. If a small change was made to a product, the e-commerce team didn’t have the resources to capture those updates.

They enlisted The Line Studios to reduce the complexity and timeline of their shoot process. After examining their photography, social media, and post-production needs, we implemented

a solution to capture images on-site in a 55 square foot office with internal staff, reducing the photography timeline to under 24 hours from photography to post-production.

Our fool-proof operational capabilities allow members of the marketing and e-commerce teams to easily take quick photos of products without the usual professional experience. They now route 1000 images through this studio every week and have cut the product-to-market time by 21 days.



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