Our team at The Line Studios is committed to creating a safe work environment for all employees, freelancers and clients in our studio.  We’re closely monitoring local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure that we minimize the risk of viral spread.  Based on the NYC Department of Health Guidelines for Reopening, as well as CDC and OSHA guidelines, we have created the below policies. Our team will be taking precautions throughout the entire creative process to minimize the risk for all team members working within our space. 

As new information is provided, this policy may be updated over time. Employees of The Line Studios will be notified via email of any policy changes that might impact them directly. 

Entering our studio

All team, crew, and clients will be required to have tested negative for Covid in the last 14 days from their shoot date.   All members entering the studio will be required to complete a health screening prior to arrival in the studio.  Temperatures will be taken upon check-in to the studio. 

Additional precautions will include: 

  • Limited crew size.
  • Personal items will be kept in a designated spot. 
  • Masks will be provided and must be worn at all times.
  • Hand Sanitizer must be used each time you enter the studio and will be available at all stations. 
  • Social distancing will be maintained throughout the studio (6’ from other people), with sets outlined accordingly. 
  • Designated zones for each on-set role and shared spaces. 

Cleaning Procedures 

The Line Studios will maintain a cleaning checklist and log, and will clean and disinfect all shared surfaces (tables, door handles, shared objects, chairs, etc.) regularly. 

Employees will be required to clean and disinfect their individual workspace on a daily basis. 

In addition, our studio is equipped with in-duct UVC bulbs to disinfect circulating air as it passes through the ventilation system. Higher traffic on-model sets will be equipped with a HEPA air filter floor unit to capture additional particles. 

In the evening, when there are no people inside the space, we have automated nightly disinfection with UVC bulbs illuminating the Studio and Office. 


Our team asks that all samples arrive at least 24 hours before the shoot. 

A Sample receiving area has been designated to provide TLS employees and messengers with a contactless way to receive packages. The sample entrance will be clearly marked, and there will be a designated spot to place all packages for delivery and pick-up. 

6’ safe distances will be marked, and the sample coordinator will be asked to maintain this distance at all times from arriving and departing messengers. Disposable gloves will be provided for handling all packages. 


Health and wellness are of the utmost importance to our team, crew, and clients.  Daily shoot capacity and schedule may be modified to encourage best health practices.  Changes may include: 

  • Staggered call times to support social distancing and allow for travel to set during off-hours
  • Staggered catering and break times to accommodate social distance lunch.


Catering will be limited to individually packaged meals from local restaurants, or other specific caterers depending on the catering package.  Onset snacks will be available upon request, depending on the catering package. 

On-Set Roles

Each on-set team member will have a designated, color-coded zone, clearly marked on the floor that is safely distanced from other team members. Team members will be asked to stay in their designated zones whenever possible.

The on-figure stylist will have a separate monitor to watch and provide distanced directions for the model on-set to avoid close contact whenever possible. 

Roles that interact directly with the model will be provided face shields in addition to masks.  This includes Stylist, Assistant, and/or Hair / Makeup talent.  In limited circumstances, the photographer will also be required to wear a face shield if close-up photography is needed.  Face shields will be provided by The Line Studios and sanitized nightly.  All other roles will be required to maintain social distance (6’).


All models will be required to fill out health forms prior to each shoot.  Models may remove masks only when onset and/or during hair and make-up when needed.  All models will be asked to bring their own clothes to change into between looks. The Line Studios will not provide robes or slippers. 

Common Spaces

Lunch and lounge areas will have barriers to allow people to eat and sit safely near one another. There will be multiple places set-up for groups to safely eat, work or meet.

Pre Production

All pre-production meetings, when they are needed, will take place virtually prior to the shoot day. 

Remote Capture / Shoot Review

Based on capacity the number of clients may be limited depending on shoot type.   

Social Distanced photo review will be available via Capture One. Additional capture monitors can be set upon request for a small fee.

Off-site, we have a remote approvals process in place for clients to remain fully in-the-loop and able to review assets, providing real-time feedback and discussion with team on-set.