Welcome to The Line Studios.


We are creatives who have mastered the balance between a beautiful image and efficient production processes.

Our founders - Lindsay More Nisbett and Rob Harkey - built and managed the creative team and photography production operations at Gilt. With over 20 product photography sets running each day, they established industry-defining guidelines that married compelling beauty with efficient, scaleable production processes to generate product photography for brands including Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg and Alexander McQueen.

Together, Lindsay and Rob oversaw the creative direction and production of product imagery used for advertising, social media marketing, editorials, brand partnerships and e-commerce.

This experience not only ensures The Line Studios can offer best-in-class product imagery, but also have access to a vast network of experienced, top-notch talent who understand how to contribute to, and execute against, these refined processes.


What sets us apart?

Glad you asked. Here are just 4 of the many areas that differentiate us:


We are, seriously, production ninjas.

Not only because we favor wearing black, but also because we look at your creative process with our well-trained eye, deftly spot any inefficiencies, and quickly improve workflow to achieve impactful results.



We’ve experienced every stage of a company’s development – from the wild adolescent years through to a mature, level-headed adulthood – and each brings on new challenges and innovative solutions. We have worked through the growing pains and will use that know-how for your brand. 



The realities of commerce today mean that brands need to produce an ever-increasing amount of imagery. We understand this doesn’t always come with increased resources. We are experts at solving for this challenge, and quality does not need to take a hit.


Creativity comes from both sides of the brain.

We believe creative assets are most impactful when built upon a foundation of knowledge and data. We work with you to learn not only what looks the best, but what performs the best and drives the most sales for your brand.